How to earn the EQAMOB label

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There are two main users of the EQAMOB label/badge  

  1.  The issuer   
  2. The receiver   


To become an issuer, you need to become a member of the EQAMOB network. To earn the label or badge you need to fulfill the EQAMOB quality assurance criteria. Please send us a message here below for further information. 



Transnational Learning Mobility consists of a period of work and learning experience undertaken in another country. The objective of Transnational Learning Mobility is to promote and enhance professional, intercultural, language and transversal skills. Practical experience in an intercultural context fosters the ability to identify (and question) and reflect on work practices and learning processes for everyone involved. 

A placement abroad during vocational training is a lasting opportunity to gain international experience, to get to know other cultures, learning environments and working methods as well as different challenges and solutions, and stimulates creative thinking. A placement abroad opens new perspectives, conveys technical and foreign language skills and, above all, personal, intercultural, and social skills. 



Learning experience abroad as part of a vocational education and training should not end upon completion but should continue by promoting a mobility ethos of transnational learning and sharing of experiences in a region, in a country and beyond. 

Detailed and extensive preparation, organizational support, monitoring and evaluation are therefore important quality aspects for issuing the EQAMOB label. 

Incorporating inclusion and the principle of sustainability gives mobility an even deeper purpose.