Benefits for companies, VET schools and organizations

Why participating in transnational mobility?

To learn and work in a company abroad during an apprenticeship training is a perfect opportunity to gain international experience, get to know other cultures, companies and working environments, and to think outside the box. An internship abroad opens new perspectives, conveys technical and foreign language skills and, above all, personal and transversal skills.

Apprentices, trainees, sending and hosting companies as well as training centers equally benefit from an internship abroad!

Supporting placements abroad is not only interesting for companies because of a direct increase of professional skills and personal development of trainees and employees:

  • When offering placements abroad, companies introduce themselves as modern and international training companies that offer an attractive and varied apprenticeship to young people. They strengthen and improve their image as an innovative company and help to promote apprenticeship training as a key pillar of vocational training.
  • Meanwhile, many companies use placements abroad for their apprentices as a pillar and tool for recruitment and human resource development.
  • Offering placements abroad shows a company’s appreciation for the trainees and their work commitment. This helps companies to bind future employees to their company.
  • And hosting companies can benefit directly from the workforce, skills and competencies that are brought to their companies.


How does EQAMOB support?

The better prepared a placement in another country is, and the more companies and training centers involve themselves in preparation, monitoring, and sustainability, the more successful a training period abroad is for all persons and institutions involved.

The EQAMOB label is awarded to companies and training centers that show high involvement in all phases of the mobility processes and consider gaining experiences abroad, in other companies and other learning environments, as an important part of human resources development.

EQAMOB stands for European Quality Assurance in Mobility.

EQAMOB awarded companies work with reliable partners within the own country and abroad.

To be awarded with the EQAMOB label helps to promote placements abroad among trainees and parents. And EQAMOB awarded companies show to the public that they are doing very well in training their future skilled workers!

Involve in mobility, exchange experiences, and get your EQAMOB label!