The digital  EQAMOB  label and the EQAMOB badge

Communicating, capturing and sharing quality assurance and learning for companies, organizations, schools and learners in mobility learning through digitalization 

CREATING A DIGITAL QA (Quality Assurance) LABEL FOR LEARNING MOBLITY – EQAMOBII with a little help from, The Design Thinking Playbook by Lewrick, Link and Leifer – love it, change it, or leave it!  

The team agreed to use Design thinking (DT), a human-based innovation approach, which helps us towards creative ideas and effective solutions that focus on the user.  

The aim is to create a digital QA label founded on former EQAMOB label(s). In the application phase we found that there are many approaches to digital transformation, but in the end, we found that the Mindful approach to DT could be the ticket forward. The Design Thinking Playbook is our guide through this project. 

The three aims are:  

  1. To explore the possibility of digitalization by exploring the potential that digital credentials/badges can offer and perhaps create a way forward for the partnership.
  2. To learn about and use design thinking.  
  3. To find a more efficient and sustainable way to share and communicate the role of companies/organizations and schools in learning mobility.   


Descriptions, stories, cases and more will grow on this website as our project grows. We hope you will enjoy following us. During this journey, we created a partnership that reflects on our differences and brings us together, while at the same time moving us towards a solution. Together, we reflect on our actions because they have impact on how we act and what we do. You can see our working process below in figure 1. 


Figure 1. The design thinking playbook: mindful digital transformation of teams, products, services, businesses and ecosystems/ by Michael Lewrick, Patrick Link, Larry Leifer. 

Cover design and visualization: Nadia Langensand